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LORORS: What made you decide to start racing?
Allie: My neighbor had a trophy kart in his garage and I told my dad I really wanted to try it out. After a bit of persuasion he agreed, and I was able to drive it. My dad bought me my own trophy kart which has been so fun.

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Hot Laps: Darren Hardesty Jr.

How did your racing career begin?
Darren: Racing is in my blood. My father and grandfather both raced desert off road and I was raised with lots of desert toys. My racing career really took off when I was nine years old. My dad borrowed a Mini Dwarf car and I raced at Barona Speedway. I finished 3rd my very first race and only a couple races later I got my 1st win. My dad and I really wanted to race off road, so my dad bought me a JR1 kart in 2010 and we started racing the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. In 2011, I won the JR1 Rookie of the Year Award. In 2012, I raced both JR1 and JR2. I stepped up to a Modified Kart in 2013 and 2014 at all the National Series races. Modified Kart was really fun and fast; great preparation for the Pro Buggy class which is what I race this season. I have enjoyed racing from the very first time behind the wheel of a buggy.

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Hot Laps: Ava Wik

How old were you when you first started racing?

I was only six years old when I started racing the Lucas Oil Regional Series. Trophy Karts is where I first started, but now I am starting to race Go Karts as well. I have been racing the Lucas Oil Regional Series for two seasons.

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Hot Laps: Luke Knupp

You were the champion last year for J1 kart; tell us how you felt when you heard the news that you were the overall winner?

I was super excited and couldn't believe I won a championship in my first year in the Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series Southern CA.

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Hot laps: Timmy Moran

You came in 1st place in points overall in the J2 kart class. How does that feel?

It felt awesome to win the Lucas Oil Off Road Regional Championship! It was my second year in J2 and I knew the competition was tough, so getting first place was a dream come true.

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