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Hot Laps: Horizon Solar Power

-Horizon Solar Power is the fastest growing owned solar installer in Southern California. Horizon has installed more than 3000 residential solar systems since 2008 with offices in Hemet, Redlands, and Palm Springs. Horizon offers electricity for less and encourages “You” to be powered by the sun! Horizon Solar Power prides itself on providing you excellent customer service and designing each solar system to meet your needs.

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1. Kenny you are an owner of two brands within the industry. How did you fall into that program?

This all started around 2007. My wife Theresa and I were looking for something to get our twins (Bryan and Alex) involved in. We hoped to find something they would enjoy and continuing doing. Theresa was watching TV one day and saw some kids racing trophy karts. She told me about it and said “that looks like something the boys could do”. I researched trophy kart racing and bought each of the boys a J1 kart; at that time they were only 12 years old. After racing a few rounds we realized that we would need to build some relationships with sponsors to further help out. We approached Black Rhino Performance and Racer X Motorsports and they came on board as sponsors with product knowledge and discounts on the parts we needed.

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Hot Laps: Katie Vernola - RZR #772

LORORS: Everyone gets their start in racing a little differently, tell us about yours?

Katie Vernola: My boyfriend took me for a ride in an off-road truck, and that was the start of it all. It truly was love at first sight. It was so fast, and bumpy. I was addicted right from the start. I loved the energy and the rush of it all.

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Hot Laps: T.J Lavin

LORORS: You were a competitive BMX racer (X Games Medalist) for many years.
Why did you decide to try off-road racing?

T.J. Lavin: Off road racing has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I was given this opportunity and couldn’t pass up the deal. I grew up in the desert; where every kid wants to race off road trucks. Budget to do so is extremely hard to come by. Racing here at the regional level is a chance of a lifetime.

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Hot Laps: Paul Hoffman

LORORS: You got your start racing BMX, when did you decide to crossover to off-road racing?

Paul Hoffman When I wasn’t racing bikes, I was either building or wrenching on cars and trucks. I built a couple of rock crawlers in my teenage years, and continued rock crawling out here in Johnson Valley. Rock crawling turned into rack racing, and after building a rock racer I competed in the Ultra 4 Race Series, including King of the Hammers. One of the stops in the Ultra 4 Series was Glen Helen. I did not know a lot about short course racing, but it definitely looked fun. Now I am here, racing the Lucas Oil Regional Series and having an awesome time!

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