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Driver Dashboard


Numbers will be assigned and will be universal throughout the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (SoCal, AZ, and LOORRS). Please contact Poppy Perfect: to reserve your number.


Mod Kart/UTV Engine Builder

All Mod Kart engines as well as UTVs (with the exception of Unlimited and Sr1 classes) must have sealed engines in accordance with the 2020 Rule Books.  Below are the required forms:

Kart/UTV Spec Fuel Tips

- ALL Karts/UTVs must run spec fuel at all Lucas Oil Off Road events in accordance with the Kart and UTV rule books.
- Testing equipment is very sensitive. Here are some recommendations:

  • Always use new fuel each weekend. Fuel can change when stored and can be sensitive to temperature changes, which can cause a failure when tested.
  • Get a designated container that is used only for spec fuel. Other fuels can contaminate your container and cause a failure when tested.
  • If other fuel is ever used in your tank, be sure to flush it out numerous times before re-filling with spec fuel as the other fuel can contaminate your fuel system and cause a failure when tested.

Questions? Please ask. The penalty for running non-spec fuel is disqualification.

Driver Registration

All registration & paperwork will now be done in advance & online.

Step 1: Click this online registration link to create an account and get registered.

Step 2: All adult drivers must click here to fill out the Adult Waiver . Both parents must sign Minor Waiver for any driver under 18 so you will do the minor waiver twice---one time for each parent.

Step 3: Contingency must be done online. Click here to sign up for contingency and indicate any stickers you may need so we can have them prepared for you in advance. Hoosier Tire forms can also be requested through the form. Click here to see contingency requirements.

Please contact poppy@lucasoiloffroad with any questions on driver registration.



Need to rent a transponder? Save time on race day and download and complete the mandatory Transponder Rental Agreement and bring it to registration with your payment.

Mylaps will be utilized for timing and scoring. All racers must have the appropriate Mylaps transponder. A limited number will be available for rent at the track but it is highly recommended you purchase your own. Please go to to purchase your transponder. Transponders must be the orange MX version. Our system will work with the original style, flex and new X2 units as long as they are the orange MX version.

Transponder rental fee - $40 plus major credit card for deposit


  • Admission - $10
  • Overnight Camping - FREE
  • Annual 1 time Driver License Fee - $50
  • Co-rider Fee (Open V8 Truck, Full Stock Truck, Mini Open Truck, Mini Stock Truck, Desert Buggies) - $40
  • Late Fee (after driver's meeting starts) - $25

Class Entry Fees

$25 per entry fee will go into end of year points fund

Class Fee
Pro Open (Pro 2/4) $175
Pro Lite $175
Open V8 $175
Mini Open Truck (TrophyLite/1450/etc) $175
Full Stock Truck $175
Mini Stock Truck $175
Pro Buggy $175
Desert Buggy $175
Limited Buggy $175
1600 Desert Buggy $175
Production 1000 UTV $150
Production Turbo UTV $150
Unlimited UTV $150
Sr1 UTV (Pro & Pro Am) $150
RZR 570 UTV $150
RZR 170 UTV $125
Modified Kart $125
Junior 1 Kart $125
Junior 2 Kart $125

Points Schedule

Points will be awarded for finishes in the following order:

Points Position
1st 50
2nd 48
3rd 46
4th 44
5th 42
6th 40
7th 38
8th 36
9th 34
10th 32
11th 30
12th 28
13th 26
14th 24
15th 22
16th 20
17th 18
18th 16
19th 14
20th 12
21st 10
22nd 8
23rd 6
24th 4
25th 2
26th 1

Bonus Points: Qualifying points will be awarded for finishes in the following order:

Points Position
1st 5
2nd 4
3rd 3
4th 2
5th 1