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Hot Laps: Scott Johnson

You were last year’s Mini Stock champion, the points leader going into Rounds 4 & 5 and now sit 3rd after the double header weekend; tell us about your road to success?
-We built a quality truck with DMZ Fab and Race Prep. I surrounded myself with good knowledgeable people that want to succeed in whatever it is they do. We headed to the race track and learned new stuff every time we went out, testing, changing, and modifying the truck until we had a combination that now works very well!

How and when did you start racing short course?
-Short course is something I have always wanted to do. I got into it by going to the Lucas Oil Regional Races and the Pro Races as a spectator in 2011. This is my third year racing off road short course and my third year in the Mini Stock Class.

What are your short course plans?
-Short term plans are to win as many races as possible the rest of this season. Long term would be to move into Mini Mod possibly for next year with some added horsepower and better suspension on my truck. Possibly in another year or two I would like to jump into a Pro Lite in the Regional Series and run a few Pro Races also.

What is your favorite track to race and why?
-Lake Elsinore is my favorite track; it is fast and has some fun, big jumps.

What would be your dream class to race in?
-Pro 4 would definitely be the dream class for me. Who knows what the future holds!

Would you like to give a sponsor shout out?
-First and foremost: OC Concrete and Jimmy Mock. Tim Duncan at DMZ Fab and Race Prep for all his help, Adam Sances, Jesse Ramirez and all my family and friends that help out at the races and in the between the races. Huge thanks to everyone at Lucas Oil for giving us a place to race and for putting on a great series here in Southern CA.

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