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Hot Laps: Megan Mitchell

How did you get your start in short course racing?

I have always liked driving cars. When I was little my mom would come home from work and I would get in the car, stand on her lap and she would let me drive the car up and down the street. I also had a little electric jeep I would drive in my back yard. My family also likes to go dirt bike riding and I would always ride my quad. I wanted to drive our Polaris RZR, but I didn’t fit, so we set out to find something my size. In this mission to find a car that would work for me, my dad took me to watch a race and we saw Hailie Deegan win! That really got the ball rolling! My Uncle Mike actually found some Trophy Karts for sale, and we ended up buying a car from the Dickersons, who also race.

When did you start racing?

I started racing last season, but I only competed in three Lucas Oil Regional events and one Lucas Oil National event.

Who is your toughest competitor out there on the track?

I have three close competitors: Madix Bailey, Bryan Morris, and Braden Chiaramonte.

Who is your favorite Pro Driver that races the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series?

I have two idols, Kyle LeDuc and Jeremy McGrath.

Do you have any other hobbies besides racing?

I like to play sports with my family. We also go traveling a lot as a family and it never hurts to practice karting too. I even beat my Dad sometimes!

Tell us who your sponsors are and your biggest supporters of your race program?

My sponsors are- Solar 3D, MD Energy and MMAD Worx Racing, but we are always looking for new sponsors if anyone is interested. My supporters are my Dad, Mom and my sister Molly, and Dean Meekins, (my starter), and all my family and friends that come out to support me on and off the track.

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