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-What was the path you took that got you started in short course racing?
I grew up going to the desert and after a freak accident where my face was burned at age six, I couldn’t go in the direct sunlight for a year. I wanted to ride my dirt bike still, so my dad took me to Barona Oaks where the track and pits were mostly shaded. That is where my racing journey began! My short course racing started with the invite from Jason Weller to drive his SR1 for one race in 2012. Soon after I had him build me a ca and I have been hooked ever since!

-You are racing both the Regional and National Series. How do you manage that and how did racing the SR1 prepare you for the Pro Lite?
Racing both series definitely keeps me busy. I am lucky that the SR1 is very easy on parts and prep time because the Pro Lite is definitely not! I estimate at least 100 hours of prep time in between race weekends on the truck where the SR1 is usually under ten hours. The SR1 is actually busier to drive than the Pro Lite, but it fits well with my ATV racing background. I’m still trying to figure out the bigger, heavier, slower handling truck.

-What do you enjoy driving more, the SR1 or Pro Lite?
Right now I have a lot of fun in both, but probably more in the SR1, only because I have it dialed in and winning makes everything more fun!

-What is your favorite track to race and why?
I really like Glen Helen because of how rough it gets with lots of holes and ruts. It makes the track so much more technical and that is when my dirt bike and ATV racing skills kick in and that helps!

-What advice would you give to a new short course driver?
My advice would be to start with a vehicle you can afford to run as much as possible! There is no substitute for seat time in the vehicle you are racing.

-Tell us who your sponsors are and your biggest supporters?
My fiance Elizabeth is at every race and on the radio spotting every time I take the track. Also my dad or “Pops” as we call him is a huge help on race weekends.
My SR1 sponsors are: Yamaha Motor Corp., Weller Racing, Fox, DWT, GBC, Cryo Heat, JPD, Blac Art, Sparco, CBR, Tagger Designs.
My Pro Lite sponsors are: Yamaha Motor Corp., Icon Vehicle Dynamics, Kanati Performance Tires, Weitzel Motorsports, Dynamic Converters, CBR, Cryo Heat, Method Wheels, Nogrady Racing Engines, and TB Designs.

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