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You made the transition from J1 to J2 karts this season; tell us how your season is going so far?

My first year in J2 is not going too bad. I got on the podium in my third race. I am sitting fifth in points with two races to go. I hope I can stay in fifth place or better. Not too bad for my first season in my J2.

When did you first start racing?

Last year was my first year ever racing short course. I was in a J1 trophy kart and I got fourth overall in points.

What is your favorite track to race and why?

I would have to say my favorite track to race is Lake Elsinore because I love going in the whoops section there and getting air on the jumps.

Who is your favorite Pro Short Course Driver and why?

Kyle LeDuc is my favorite driver, because he always wins!

Do you have any other hobbies besides racing?

My hobbies are RC Trucks, riding quads, and I also play travel baseball for the El Monte Dukes.

If you could drive a Prolite, Pro2, or Pro4 which would you pick?

I would pick a Prolite!

Can you tell us who your sponsors are?

My sponsors are Custom Rims & Tires, Ultra Wheel Company, DJ Safety, DWT, and Lawrence Motorsports.

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