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Where did your racing journey begin?

-I got into racing because my dad used to race desert and he wanted me to follow in his footsteps. He raced for most of his life, winning several championships in class 16 and class 12. I started racing BMX when I was four, and the day I turned five I started racing stock cars. I got into short course when I was about eight or nine years old and got second place in my first race.

What is your favorite aspect about short course racing?

-My favorite part about short course racing is the competitiveness and how everyone is so close to each other.

Who is your toughest competition out there on the track?

-My toughest competition is the whole buggy class. At most of the races the whole field is separated by about a second; which means you can end up finishing in any spot.

What are your plans for racing?

-For the 2016 season we are planning on racing the whole National Series.

What is your favorite track to race?

-My favorite track that I have raced in the buggy is Mexico. It is a really fast track with some technical parts to it.

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