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Tell us the road you took this past season to get on the podium and become the overall winner in the Open V8 Class.

-The 2015 season was full of trials and tribulations, of heartache and excitement. My background is in Desert Racing. In this type of racing you have to set up the car to perform in an extremely harsh environment with big wheel travel and lots of top end speed. Don’t get me wrong it is a lot of fun, but prepping the car and making the trek with the family and pit crew can be extremely difficult. Not to mention that my family and friends only get to see me for a few minutes at the crack of dawn when we jump on the course and maybe for 10 seconds when we finally pass by the spectator area again. I love what Lucas Oil Regional has done by providing a family friendly environment, safety and lots of racing close to home. For the 2015 season, we had to really work on setting up the car for the short course. We had to adjust the amount of wheel travel we had and shorten it to help get the car around such a tight track. Remember in desert racing size doesn’t matter, there were many times when we were flat out at 120 plus MPH with only a few long sweeping turns. In short course it’s all about the turns! It took me quite a while to learn this new style of driving.

What are your 2016 season plans and goals?

-For the 2016 season my plans are again to run in OPEN V8 and to also be competitive in Pro 2. I purchased the Pro 2 from Person Racing and it was originally set up to race in the CORR series. I have been fortunate to meet and absorb some of the knowledge of some Pro 2 teams. I have made a few changes to the car for the 2016 season and I am hoping to go out there and have some fun. That’s what I love about racing, its fun that the whole family can enjoy. There are some guys that are out there for the money and for the fame. Fame is nice, don’t get me wrong but my main goal for the season is to have a good time with friends, fellow racers and my family.

What is your overall short course racing goal? What do you see yourself racing in the future?

-My overall short course racing goal is to again be competitive in Open V8 and to be competitive in Pro 2. I am open to what the future holds. I think that now that I have the Open V8 title under my belt, a new goal would be to be competitive in Pro 2. Now that’s where it gets tricky, in this arena you are up with the big boys and big sponsorship. I have secured a few top notch sponsors for the 2016 season and I hope that with the help of my team and new sponsors that together we can podium and be successful.

What is your favorite track to race and why?

-I love learning the way the set up is at Glen Helen and Lake Elsinore. Sometimes the course is set up great but after so many heats the course can get pretty tricky. My team and I really have to bring our A game and make sure the cars are set up just right. Lake Elsinore is fun because you can get the big air off the jumps… Now with Glen Helen turn 1 is tricky. You really have to make sure you set up the car just right after practice so you can have a good run for the main event. So I’m not sure if you can say I have a “favorite Track” I’m just glad you guys at Lucas Oil provide a family friendly environment that lets me go racing with my buddies!

What advice would you give a new driver coming into the Lucas Oil Regional series?

-My advice would be to come to a few races and watch the different classes compete. There are many budget friendly classes that are also competitive. And also to not be shy, talk to people. I have learned so much by walking around the pits after the races and just talking to fellow racers. It is really a friendly environment and if you need tools, or parts or advice people really go the extra mile to help you out. I couldn’t count on both hands how many times I had to scour the pits looking for parts just to make it to the main event, and I always did!

Would you like to give a sponsor shout out?

-This year we are proud to announce a sponsorship from Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels. We also have teamed up with Warfighter Made to offer the Co-Driver seat to our Veteran Heros in as many races a year as possible.

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