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Hot Laps: Joe Whiteley

You are the 1600 Class Champ and the Overall Points Champ, tell us about your 2015 Season; the high points and the low points throughout the year.

I have been racing the limited buggy class for the last seven years, which is a very competitive class in itself. Racing these young kids coming out of the trophy karts is very tough. I am now sixty-three years old and wanted to race in a class geared toward my car and driving is style. The other thought was to retire from racing (Not) or move into the 1600 Buggy class which has been a total blast. I had seven good races this year taking one second place and six first places winning the Class Championship and Taking the Overall Points title for all Divisions. Big Surprise.

What are your plans for the 2016 season?

I plan to continue where I left off last year and try to win as many races as I can. I encourage those racers that have buggies sitting in their garages to come out and join in this class. It is a lot of fun, low entry fee, great contingency and beats sitting in the stands.

What other class in short course would you like to race and why?

I have always wanted to race a pro buggy but I know my age is a major factor now so that is not a reality. I am thinking of maybe getting one of the new Yamaha YXZ Side by Side and give that a try. The UTV class is growing vastly and looks like a lot of fun. I will be watching them this year.

Who was you toughest competitor this past season?

My toughest competitor this year was myself. Sometimes it gets hard to keep competing at this age. But racing gets to be an addiction and I am not ready to trade it for the golf course. No matter how many in your class, a race is a race and you have to win.

What is your favorite part about the regional series? Explain why?

The Regional Race Series is just a fun place to come and race. You can go out and play ride all you want, but come race time a whole new factor comes into play, nerves, strategy and beating the other guy or gal. Racing is not play but ton of fun and Regionals allows us to fulfill the race dream at a reasonable cost. Thanks to the whole Regional Team!

Would you like to give a sponsor shout out and thank the people that help you out?

I want to thank Lucas Oil for hosting these races, Lee and Poppy Perfect for all their time running the Regionals. My sponsors; King Shocks, McKenzies, Kartek, Lucas Oil Products, and Racer-X. I would also like to also thank my spotter and crew Mitch and Miles, The Knott Family and friends and Ron Carter but mostly my wife Beverly for all her support.

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