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Hot Laps: Kayla Smith

Can you tell us about your 2015 season; the ups and down that you faced during the race year?

-2015 was a busy year for me. I was working a full time job at Welk Resorts, as well as full time schooling to earn my RDA credentials plus racing on the weekends. Any spare time I had was spent preparing and testing my car. All of this made for 0 free time, but was all worth it in the end walking away with the championship.

Tell us about your racing journey? When did it start and how did you get involved in short course?

-I started riding quads around seven years old going to Glamis with my family but things changed when I was nine.We attended a podium productions race at LEMX and I HAD to do it! I told my dad I can beat these guys. He wasted no time and built me a custom 90 mod quad with a YZ 85 motor. It was really tough! I won two titles on that quad, but when I turned twelve my dad was worried about injuries that would come with racing a quad so he built me a rhino. In 2007, my UTV racing was underway, competing in podium productions M4SX and Elsinore Series. In 2011 we started racing the WORCS series since I had just come of age to compete. My first race at WORCS was Taft, California with my new car my dad had just built. I pulled off a win in the 700 class. Talk about some upset men! At that time, the 700 class was the premier class and there were no other women competing. In 2012 I won the 700 championship for the Dirt Series, after my dad began to build me a new race car like no other. In 2014 we took the year to dial the car in and took 3rd overall at Lucas Oil.

What are your 2016 racing goals?

-For 2016 we will be racing Unlimited UTV to defend our title as well as a few other races for fun.

Being the unlimited UTV champion what advice can you give a new driver entering that class?

-The best advice I can give for this class would be to push hard and finish every race. In a class where there is an unlimited amount of things you can do to your car, sometimes results in not finishing every race, so consistency is key.

What other hobbies do you have besides racing?

-For fun I like to go snowboarding, jet skiing on a stand up, wake boarding and going to Glamis. I have always enjoyed helping with special needs events year round.

What is your favorite track to race and why?

-This is a very hard question to answer because any track is great as long as I am behind the wheel. I would have to say my favorite WORCS style track would probably be Taft because of the motocross section. My favorite Lucas Oil style track is Lake Elsinore because it is a faster track.

Would you like to give a sponsor shout out and a thank you to people that help you make it to the track?

-I would like to thank all of my sponsors for the amazing support I receive: ALBA Racing has been with us from the beginning, always giving us fast and reliable power, GBC Tires are hands down the best tires you can get, Summers Brothers for axles that just take the abuse and finish races. Uni-Filter keeps my motor motor clean and easy. EBC Brakes for giving me insane breaking power. Latest Concepts for all my water jet needs, ORW King Shocks work insane, PCI Radios, DWT Wheels, and of course Lucas Oil for the amazing events they put on.

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