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Hot Laps: Broc Dickerson

Tell us about your 2015 race season and all your accomplishments?

-In 2015 I won five total championships- California and Arizona Regional Series in my Pro-Lite, California and Arizona Regionals in my Limited Buggy, and Arizona Regional Series in my Modified Kart. I finished third in the championship in the National Series in my Modified Kart and got a top five in my first National race in the Pro-Lite.

Did you hit any setbacks throughout the season?

-We had a couple setbacks, mainly in the beginning of the year having a brand new Modified Kart. We were trying to work out the bugs and get it running fast.

Who is your toughest competitor out on the track?

-I can't say that I had just one main competitor, because all the classes were stacked with competition. It really was important to qualify good and stay in front of everyone.

How challenging is it to race both the Regionals and National Series?

-It was very challenging running both Nationals and Regionals. There were so many back-to-back weekends last year that it was tough to get all three cars prepped and running fast.

What are your 2016 race season plans and goals?

-My 2016 plan is to race my Pro-Lite for the full season in the National Series and get Rookie of the Year and hopefully a top five in points.

Can you tell us your favorite part about short course racing and the Lucas Oil Series?

-My favorite part about the Lucas Oil Series is the family part of it; this is what my family does, we race. Everyone at the races has kind of turned into a 2nd family for me.

Would you like to give your sponsors a shout out and thank the people that help your race program out?

-I'd like to thank Kevin for busting his butt all year long to make sure my cars were ready for 29 weekends of racing! A big thank you to: Ultra Wheels, Pro Power Racing, Dynamic Motorsports, Howe Performance, Action Sport Canopies, Black Rhino Performance, Racer-X, and K&N Filters.

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