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You are the 2015 Junior 2 Kart Champion. Tell us about your 2015 season, the ups and downs and the road that got you to the top this past season? I’m so stocked that I was able to bring home the California Championship to Arizona! My season was awesome, we put in a lot of work this year and it all paid off. This season was good, we didn’t have any issues with the kart! There was one point I thought my goal of winning it all was in jeopardy though, when I rolled my RZR 1000 in the Arizona Regional and broke my collar bone! There was nothing that was going to keep me out of racing, I guarantee that! I really had a solid kart all year and that makes my job a lot easier because all I have to do is concentrate on driving!

What are your future racing plans? Will you stay in Junior 2? I am moving forward in my racing career. I had an amazing time in Junior 2, but I am ready for the next step! We are currently building a Modified Kart and last season in AZ I raced my RZR 1000 where I took 3rd in points and Rookie of the year in my first season. This season will be my first out in CA in the Production 1000 class so I’m excited to compete for the championship!

What are your goals for the 2016 race season? Moving into the Modified Kart we are going into the 2016 season with the mindset that it is new and as we learn the set-up and techniques we are looking to improve every race! That doesn’t mean I’m going to take it easy, I just have to treat it as my learning year! Don’t get me wrong. I’m racing to win; I just know that it’s a very competitive class so my personal goal is to consistently finish in the top 10! As far as the RZR goes, I’m going for the Championship in AZ and want to get top 5 in the CA Regional!

Who was your toughest competitor in 2015 and why? I would definitely have to say Cole Keatts. We have a very similar driving style and our karts were set-up the same. We battled in all three series in 2015 and it was a blast. We always raced clean and I had a lot of fun racing against him. I can’t wait to continue our battles in the Modified Kart! We are both extremely competitive so I can’t wait to see what the 2016 season brings!

Being a female in such a competitive class, do you feel there is more pressure on you? I have been fortunate to be very successful throughout my entire racing career. As I progress I know I have to do well for my sponsors, my fans, and my family! No one really puts any pressure on me more than I do on myself! I really work hard and have my entire life to get where I’m at and I’m not going to stop! I don’t enjoy losing so I go out with the mindset of winning every time!

What is your dream class to race and why? I want to race a Pro 2. They are so awesome; the speed, the jumps, and the horsepower are all amazing! I sit in the stands at the Lucas Races and see the crowd go crazy during the race and can’t wait for the day they are cheering for me!

Would you like to do a sponsor shout out and thanks to the people that get you to the track? None of this would be possible without my Dad; Joe Chapman. As well as Steve Labrie, they both believed in me ever since I was little and put a lot of time and money to help me get me where I’m at today. They have always made sure that my Kart and RZR 1000 are dialed in and that I have the best equipment to be successful. Thank you to my Mom for always being there for me and to my entire family for all their support. My awesome sponsors: MTX Audio, Playcraft Trailers, R-N-R Steel Racing, Rugged Radios, Action Sports Canopies, RnR Steel, X Treme Machine Fabrications, Fiberwerx, K1 Race Gear, Mechanics Wear, Off-Road Vixens, Maxima Racing Oils, GMZ Race Products, Super ATV, and Pink Motorsports.

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