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0716 debarti tsr

You are relatively new to short course racing (although you appear to be a pretty fast learner). Tell us about your racing background and how you came to race at the Lucas Oil Regional Series: I have no background in racing. My only background is just having a blast with my family and doing sports or anything fun together. We have never had time to stick to one sport/thing because my parents always had my brother and I doing something fun constantly, along the lines of camping, dirtbike riding, snowboarding etc. Growing up I wouldn’t stop doing something until I had mastered it. That involved a lot of focus and determination but I wouldn’t stop until I was satisfied. Anything mechanical I’m a fast learner at. I just won’t stop doing something until I figure it out.

Your family plays a huge role in your team. How important are they to your success and what roles do they each play on race weekends? My family plays a huge part in my team because my family is my team! We don’t have a big team like a lot of the race teams. What we have is a very small team built by my family that has an absolute blast anytime we leave to go racing. My dad, my friend Justin, and I prep the trucks, and the rest of my family is there for support. They bbq, and just do the normal thing my family has always done and that is to have the most fun out of whatever the outcome is and to push me to be better every single time.

This year you have been racing in both the Pro Lite and the Production 1000 classes at the regional series and the Pro Lite at the national series. Why did you choose a UTV after getting your start in the Pro Lite? Does going from a truck to a UTV require you to adjust your driving style? Cognito Motorsports had asked me to pilot one of their RZR race cars at the beginning of the year. I was very honored to accept the offer. I look at it as more seat time and also a way to better myself by making myself adapt to different equipment and vehicles. I race my Pro Lite in the regionals as well for more seat time. My dad makes me start dead last even if I qualify well just for more practice trying to figure out how to get through traffic. The UTV does require a whole different driving style because it is 4 wheel drive with a lot less power. The Pro Lite is 2 wheel drive with 500 horse power so the style is a whole different ball game. The RZR is more like a go cart.

When you’re not at the track, what can we find you doing in your free time? When I’m not at the track, I’m in the shop prepping my trucks and RZR. It takes more time than people could imagine because I make them flawless before they ever leave my shop so there are no failures. I spend a lot of time and take pride in the work I put into my offroad trucks. It is not an easy thing to do because there is always something that can be improved. My trucks get better every single time we prep them in my shop. Prepping the trucks is a FULL time job.

What is your advice to someone looking to start out in short course off road racing? My advice to anybody looking to get into short course would be to have some training with a trained driver, and to run the Lucas Oil Regional series. That’s what I did and I wouldn’t change anything. The regional series is one of the most fun and the best ways to learn how to race. They get a lot of vehicles that race there along with some national guys that come to race, so you can always judge how well you are doing by the level of competition that is at this series.

You’ve experienced a great deal of success at both the regional and national level in just a few seasons. Any goals for the next few years and beyond? My goal that I have had since I started and that I have for my future is that I will try my hardest to win with determination and focus, but more than that I will have an absolute blast doing so with my family. We are all there for each other and we are there to have fun. It’s easy to forget the reason why I race. So with that being said no matter how I do or how it ends up my family and I make the best out of it with smiles on our faces. I’m very thankful and blessed to be able to race and I will never forget that. My goal is just that: Having fun with my family and to do the best I possibly can.

It obviously takes a lot of support to run as many races as you do in both classes. Is there anyone you would like to thank for their support? It takes alot of work to run both series with 2 different trucks and a RZR. I’d like to first thank my family. We work so hard to be able to go to each race and play in the dirt. My dad and I work very hard to race. Thank you to Cognito Motorsports, Method Race Wheels, Qa1, Aeromotive, Brian Deegan, K&N, US Gear, Cool it, Hawk, Kc lights.

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