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Hot Laps: Mini Open Driver Brian Cannon

Tell us about your racing background and how you ended up at the Lucas Oil Regional Series: My 1st race was in 2001 in Mexico at Estero Beach. After that I was hooked! I’ve raced multiple series from ROR, Mickey Thompson SXS, CORR, Offroad Grand Prix, Glen Helen cup, VORRA, Arizona Short Course Championship, to the Lucas Oil Regionals of both CA & AZ when it first began.

Family seems to play a big role on most regional teams and we see your family at the podium with you every round. How important is your family to your success and what roles do each of them play on race weekends? Family is a huge role in my racing program. Without my family I have no team. My family is always at the track helping prep the truck, cooking food, and just being there to support me. Even the little kids are helping scrape the mud off after each race.

What is your advice to someone looking to start out in short course off road racing? My advice to anyone would be to make sure they have a reliable truck, start off in the regional series and get as much seat time as possible. Make sure you have a great team to support you.

What is your favorite track and why? Lake Elsinore is my favorite track, I love the huge jumps and the speed you get on that track is insane.

When you’re not at the track, what can we find you doing? When I’m not at the track I’m usually in the shop prepping for the next race, helping my buddy Wade Wyman at the pro series, hiking, Mt. bike riding, and spending time with my girls and family.

Competition can get tough and you run with a mixed group of vehicles. What/who is your biggest challenge on the track? My biggest challenge on the track would have to be running with a mixed group of vehicles. Trying to maneuver my way through 3 different classes and my own can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Any goals for the next few years or beyond? My goals for the next few years is to build a new truck and possibly get into a Pro Lite, and of course continue to work hard and give it my all.

We know it takes a lot of support to race and you seem to be backed by some great companies. Is there anyone you would like to thank for their support? I would like to thank : Get More Wraps, Optimal Source Nutrition, Ultra Wheels, Beard Seats, Tri County Gears, Wyman Motorsports, Kyle LeDuc for all his help & advice, General Tires, G-Force long shifters, and my family for always being there supporting me. None of this would be possible without them.

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