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Hot Laps: David Gasper Jr

Tell us how old you are and what class you race in: I am 11 years old and I race a Jr 1.

Do you or your family have a racing background? How did you come to race the Lucas Oil Regional Series? My Dad and Uncle Bill have been racing for over almost 35 years. They raced motorcycles and off road. I got into this sport because of them. I can remember going to watch them in the Baja 1000 when I was younger.

Tell us about your team: Our team consists of family and friends. My dad and I work on the car in between races and my uncle is the crew chief. We have so many friends that come out and support us.

When you’re not at the track, what can we find you doing in your free time? When I am not at the track I play baseball for DP Little League. I like to ride BMX, play basketball, go fishing and camping and work on my car in the shop.

What has your biggest challenge been in the Junior 1 class so far? My biggest challenge is to drive smooth and stay focused. Also finding time for practice is hard.

Who is your toughest competition on the track? All of the drivers are my toughest competition because they all want that number one position including myself.

You’ve experienced a lot of success in just a few seasons in this class. What are your racing goals for the future? I would love some day to win the championship in Jr 1 and mod karts.

We know that family and sponsors play a huge role in your success. Anyone you would like to thank? I would like to thank all of my family and friends that come out each race to support me. Kittle Motorsports for getting us to the races, BND Performance, Outlaw LED Lights, Doug Flemming, Valley Precision Products, PaveWest, Pena Construction, Score Industries and Ntensetees.

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